NBS Tilt-over Mast Kit

NBS Tilt-over Mast Kit

Price: $ 1980.00
Item: NBSTiltmast
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NBS Tilt-over mast kit

The photo shows the mast with the owner provided accessories for Amateur radio operation.


The NBS Hydraulic Tilt Mast Kit comprises the base plate, that is concreted into the ground, the pedistal that bolts on top of the base and the tilt arm that bolts into the pedistal. The hydraulic jack and pins are provided.  The 1200lb brake winch, stainless steel cable and pulley assemble including any bo;ts and fasteners required during assembly are also provided. The carriage that is winched up the mast comes in two versions, standard or hexbeam. The standard version is provided unless instructed otherwise. The carriage and the raising equipment may not be reqired for some installs. This will lower the price

An 89mm x 89mm x 3.5mm wall galvanised square hollow section tube 8-9 meters long is required to be purchased locally due to the high cost of freight on this tube if supplied from the factory.

Amateurs may also require a rotator and a Yaesu GS-065 bearing to complete their installation.

Shipping costs vary, please ask for a price. Kit Price $1800.00