NBS Aluminium Masts
Available in anodized and non-anodized finish.
Anodized finish gives excellent weather protection and is recommended in coastal and harsh environments.
Non-Anodized mill finish masts are  suitable for use as a transmitting aerial when used with a NBS ground insulator and nylon guy kits.
All NBS Masts come with guy plates that fit on top of guy rings that are welded in place unless a special order is requested.This allows the mast to rotate, without the guys being adjusted, to align directional antennas. 
 NBS Antennas & Masts construct standard and heavy duty telescopic masts in either the 2000 or 3000 series.
Masts can be constructed to your specification subject to material limitations.
Guy rope sets come with NATO green cleats tensioners or Autolocks which are easy to adjust for one man mast erection and also come with stainless steel quick release clips for attachment to the mast guy plate.
NBS Hydraulic Tilt-over Masts
A range of winch up captive carriages and hydraulic tilt over kits are made to suit the Amateur and professional.  With laws relating to working on antennas at height masts are now designed to lower the antenna to a safe working height.  A 1500 lb safety brake winch and 8 tonne hydraulic ram make light work of lowering the antenna.
A Yaesu or Emtron rotator will bolt on without modification to the mounts.
Masts can be custom built to your requirements.
NBS Aluminium Lattice Tower
NBS lattice towers are available in 3 meter or 2 meter sections and are suitable for mast heights of up to 30 meters when guyed in all wind areas.  Un-guyed masts are up to 12 meters in A regions and 8 meters in C regions. Available in either tilt over or fixed configurations.