I offered to do the install at Casey but was not on the short list.  Did I make the install too easy?

The First NBS Tilt mast installed.The height complies with the 8M council regulations or the 10M ACMA License Condition, Compliance Level 1 for transmitter antennas

Chris is the first person in a Cyclonic D area with the Optibeam

The mast ready to swing the antennas and pick-up the radio communications from around the world.  This masts comply with the following Australian Standards, AS 1170; AS 1170.2; AS 3600; AS 4100; AS 3500; AS 4778; AS 1784.

Gary from Tasmania shows how easy it is to service the antenna now.

Masts for commercial data antennas

The NBS 2503A   A sturdy 3 stage mast made of sturdy 6005A grade aluminium

with a nested length of 2 meters and a raised height of approximately 5.5 meters  Shown with the optional wheel stand