Proudly manufactured in Australia NBS Masts can be supplied in the following configurations

  • Anodised aluminium multi-section telescopic
  • Tilt-over 
  • 4-sided Lattice Section - 3 metres per section

Our telescopic and tilt-over style masts are proudly manufactured in our Victorian manufacturing facility utilising our in-house machinery shop, welding and assembly departments. Our masts are constructed of high-quality anodised finish aluminium (telescopic masts), marine grade aluminium (lattice section masts) and galvanised finish steel (tilt-over masts) to ensure long term survivability, low maintenance and have been structural engineer certified. 

Our NBSTiltMast installed in a cyclonic type D location installed with a long-range, short-wave amateur-radio communications antenna at the top of the mast. The all-welded galvanised steel construction of the NBSTiltMast is designed, manufactured and engineer certified to survive in extreme conditions.

Location of the NBSTiltMast in the photo above is Broome, Western Australia.

The NBS lattice section masts are designed for either a quick-deployment installation onto any flat surface or for long-term installations for communications, data transfer or security/surveillance where a traditional free-standing tower is unable to be erected. The NBS lattice section masts are designed to be guy-wire secured for additional support or where adverse weather conditions may be present. Each section of the NBS lattice section mast has a mount/joining plate welded to each end for easy mounting or joining of multiple sections (recommended maximum 5 sections) - can also be fitted with a Yaesu Rotator or antenna mount pole

The NBS lattice section mast have a built in ladder configuration for easy climbing access, saving time and money on hiring external equipment such as a cherry-picker or elevated work platform, ensure your lattice section is securely fixed onto a rated footing and guy-wire attachment and tension is applied to ensure mast safe to climb.

The NBS3554 4-section anodised aluminium telescopic mast stands at 11 metres fully extended with a packed length of 3 metres. The base section O.D. is 55mm and suitable for either our NBS55stand drive-on, under wheel mount base, NBStiltStand drive-on under wheel pivot base or our concrete footing or pegged mount base, order separately to suit your requirements.


The NBS3554 11m anodised aluminium telescopic mast shown is in use by the Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club of Cranbourne in Victoria.

Multi-section Telescopic Mast - Anodised finish

Our range of telescopic masts range are available in 2-6 sections with a minimum length of 2 - 3 metres packed and range from 5.5 - 15 metres in full extension, see product dimensions below for model lengths:


  • NBS2613 - 2 metres packed, 3 section telescopic, 61mm O.D. base section, 5.5 metres fully extended
  • NBS2503 - 2 metres packed, 3 section telescopic, 50mm O.D. base section, 5.5 metres fully extended


  • NBS2554 - 2 metres packed, 4 section telescopic, 55mm O.D. base section, 7 metres fully extended 
  • NBS3554 - 3 metres packed, 4 section telescopic, 55mm O.D. base section, 11 metres fully extended


  • NBS2605 - 2 metres packed, 5 section telescopic, 55mm O.D. base section, 8.5 metres fully extended
  • NBS3605 - 3 metres packed, 5 section telescopic, 60mm O.D. base section, 13.8 metres fully extended


  • NBS3686 - 3 metres packed, 6 section telescopic, 68mm O.D. base section, 15 metres fully extended

Our range of telescopic masts accessories are suitable for a wide range of installation locations, installation equipment (antennas, lighting, cameras, alarms, etc.) as well as accessories for cable management, guy wire supports, mast identification/colour identification and mast security (locks/pins/etc.)

Our NBS3554 installed at a private residence for improved data/cellular transmission. The NBS3554 above is fitted with additional recommended accessories of multi-section guy wire kits for securing the mast. The NBS3554 is suitable for fringe data/cellular coverage locations where trees, small hills or clearance is required. The height of your antenna will ensure the  performance is not hindered by trees or infrastructure that can either absorb or reflect your receive/transmission signal.


The NBS2503 is a robust 3-section telescopic mast constructed of type 6005A grade aluminium in an anodised finished for longevity and corrosion resistance. The NBS2503 5.5m telescopic mast has a collapsed (packed) length of 2 metres and an extended height of 5.5 metres (total height), which is about the height of the light post in the image.

The NBS2503 3-section telescopic mast is suitable for a wide range of requirements including communications links, lighting, surveillance and/or telemetry applications. The NBS2503 quick-deploy mast pictured above is mounted using our drive-on under wheel mount base, alternative mounting solutions include a under wheel pivot mount base (requires additional guy wires), permanent bolt-down mount base (requires concrete pad) or a temporary peg-down mount base (requires additional guy wire support), these are all available to order separately. 

NBS2613 3 section anodised aluminium telescopic mast system deployed in a parallel array formation with lighting equipment installed at the top section. Each telescopic section of the NBS2613 mast is secured using 3 high tension guy ropes - order separately, to reduce mechanical movement or 'swaying' of the entire mast. The base of the NBS2613 3-section telescopic mast is a permanent concrete footing with fixings for a long-term, maintenance-free solution.

The NBS2613 5.5 metre telescopic mast (2 metres collapsed) can alternatively be fitted onto a drive-on under wheel mount stand - order separately, or pegged into the ground using the telescopic mount base + guy wires - order separately   


Our NBS2254 multi-section telescopic mast with optional NBS55stand under-wheel stand suits rapid assembly and utilisation. The 4-section up to 7 metres extended telescopic mast with drive-on under wheel stand is suitable for temporary communications requirements such as emergency services quick-deployment, temporary lighting or surveillance equipment.


For easy adjustment of equipment, NBS recommend the NBSTiltStand drive-on under wheel tilt-over / lay-down mount base. Please note the NBSTiltStand requires additional guy wire/rope securing to ensure your mast and equipment stay upright.

Tilt-over Mast - Galvanised finish

Our hugely popular NBS Tilt-over mast is the ideal solution where easy-access, secure long-term placement, robust construction for adverse condition and flexible mounting capabilities are required, with a higher load capability over a telescopic mast solution. The tilt-over design allows for precise lowering/fall placement for your antenna/lighting/alarm or monitoring system equipment for easy maintenance, upgrade or replacement. The tilt-over mast NBSTiltMast in a fully-welded design with a simple-but-effective middle hinge and locking system. The NBSTiltMast has the added ability to extend the 'boom-arm' by simply inserting an extension RHS tube (not supplied) for up to 9 metres (maximum length) extended height. The standard height of the fully extended arm is 3 metres (mount plate to top of arm).

      Our NBSTiltMast is current in use for communications, system monitoring, telemetry, cellular and data improvement for fringe locations as well as for environmental studies/monitoring. 

      The NBSTiltMast comes disassembled for reduced courier costs and storage. Complete assembly guides, footing recommendations and kit identification for ease of installation are included with each unit. A wide range of accessories include 8ton hydraulic ram, hand-crank winch, antenna/equipment carriages, over-top pulley assembly and top mount antenna assembly are available to order separately. Custom manufactured mounting solutions can be supplied with your NBSTiltMast. Simply supply a job overview, drawing and quantity required and our in-house design and manufacturing team can support your requirements.  


      The NBSTiltMast with optional hydraulic ram to erect the arm - order separately. The NBSTiltMast in the configuration is without a galvanised RHS extension (89mm x 89mm x 3.5mm W.T. recommended - can be up to 9 metres in length). This install was in a private backyard for short-wave communications. This configuration suits telemetry requirements where extensive height is not required, such as in a produce system telemetry or data transmission.

      Our NBSTiltMast in the field with extension pole inserted into base unit, hand-crank winch with mast carriage and pulley, awaiting electric equipment (lighting or surveillance equipment) fitment. The fully-welded galvanised steel construction of the NBSTiltMast suits all environments and requires little to no maintenance, a yearly inspection of all components is recommended to ensure longevity of your mast solution.

      Our NBSTiltMast are currently in use for a wide array of applications ranging from: wildlife monitoring, lighting, 2-way communications and cellular/data improvement for fringe areas.

      The NBSTiltMast installed with a short-wave communications antenna fitted onto our NBScarriage assembly. Additional accessories fitted onto our NBSTiltMast is our hand-crank winch with stainless steel wire and hydraulic ram for easy erection of the tilt boom. The ability of the tilt-over design, allows for easy maintenance, swap-out or upgrade of your equipment fitted onto the NBSTiltMast, saving both time and money (hire of a cherry-picker or elevated work platform).  

      The location of this NBSTiltMast is Tasmania, Australia

      Marine grade lattice section mast – 3 metre sections

      Constructed from high-quality marine grade aluminium and fully-welded, our 4-sided lattice section masts are available in 3 metre lengths for multi-height capabilities. Each lattice section has a welded mount/joining plate on each end for securing the sections together or base mounting onto your concrete pad/mount base. Securing each section utilising guy wires will ensure you lattice section mast is able to withstand any adverse conditions - guy wire kits available separately.

      Our lattice-style mast sections are suitable for 2-way communication, lighting equipment and security/surveillance requirements. Our 4-sided high lattice-style mast sections are your ideal small footprint short to long-term mast solution.

      Our fully-welded high quality marine grade aluminium lattice sections are 3.0 metres in length with a mount/joining plate welded at each end for easy base mounting and sectional joining. 

      Each section is individually packaged allowing for custom length requirements to be easily dispatch. Each section is recommended to be guy-wire secured on all corners for increased survivability no matter the weather condition.

      Pre-made guy-wire packs are available for each section of the mast, contact us for information on available guy-wire packs, or specify your custom requirements and we can in-house manufacture a plug-and-play solution. 

      Each section of the NBS lattice-style mast tower should be guy-wire secured for improved survivability and greatly reduce any mechanical movement/swaying of your mast. 

      Each end of the lattice-style mast has a welded mount plate for either base mounting (onto pad or bolts) and/or section-to-section joining. The central hole is design for an extension pole for lightning/surveillance equipment or antenna mounting. Alternate mounting accessories are available. Contact us directly for a custom solutions.