Thank you Doug, VK3AWO, for your help, support and friendship over the past years.

The First NBS Tilt mast installed.The height complies with the 8M council regulations or the 10M ACMA License Condition, Compliance Level 1 for transmitter antennas

Gary from Tasmania shows how easy it is to service the antenna now.

John on a WICEN exercise

The 11M portable mast being used by the Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club of Cranbourne, Victoria

This is NOT an NBS Masts  in Doveton but shows how a mast can be bent when guyed incorrectly. Normall too much tension on the guy wires or ropes.

Members of the Oceania DX Group Inc using the NBS Antenna Launcher in Vanuatu to erect the 2012 expeditions antennas. NBS Antennas & Masts is proud to support Amateur Radio Operators.

Masts for commercial data antennas

Chris was the first Amateur to use the Hexbeam with a NBS Tilt mast.  This resulted in a special carriage being developed for the hexbeam.  Thank you Chris for your assistance in the development of the NBS tilt mast.  Several Amateurs have now made contributions.