About Us

This business started  to assist other Amateur Radio Operators obtain quality products at reasonable and fair prices.  I believed that communications enthusiasts should be able to obtain the necessary items to experiment and improve their knowledge of antennas and radio wave propagation. That saw the birth of the Aussie Blaster back in 1973. NBS Antennas and Masts are the leaders in telescopic aluminium tube, with a range from 1/4 inch (6.35mm) to 68mm.  ARRL telescopic imperial and metric tube sizes are also stocked for the antenna enthusiast and builder. 
From these humble Aussie Blaster beginnings the business has grown into the manufacturing and distribution of telescopic radio masts,telescopic monopoles(free standing or guyed) and hydraulic tilt-over communication towers to meet or exceed the Australian Standard as well as the manufacturing of antennas for the HF and VHF bands. Towers suitable for non-standard NBN installations are also available that exceed NBN Co requirements where reception is poor.
The customer base has also grown from Amateur and CB Operators to commercial,mining and government users.  I have drawn on my experiences in the military and in emergency service organizations to design practical and safely deployable light weight telescopic aluminium (from 3Kg to 15Kg) radio masts and  various  equipment  to assist in portable  and emergency  communications centers .
End users now include mining companies, universities, St John Ambulance, and numerous government departments.  These masts are used to monitor air pollution, wind speed and direction, scientific research, Data transmission and improve mobile phone and internet reception in outback areas
Proudly Australian owned and operated NBS Antennas and Masts are continually investing time and money into developing and improving product and strive to produce what we believe are some of the best quality and priced telescopic mast and tower products on the market and we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
If you have a need for portable, lightweight telescopic communications radio masts and towers for your next project, DXpedition or mountain top field day requirement then you need NBS Antennas & Masts.   NBS Antennas and Masts proudly support  ODXG, WIA. ARV and other radio clubs.